There was a time when flooring was crafted, not produced.

The wood was harvested from only the hardiest trees, the kind that thrived under harsh conditions. It was carved one wide, beautiful plank at a time by master craftsmen who spent years perfecting their art. Every plank was hand selected and set into place to create an elegant – yet durable – floor that would last a lifetime.

That time is now, and the flooring is V3 Engineered Hardwood.

V3 is premium engineered hardwood flooring designed for strength as well as style. Crafted from 3 layers of domestic northern hardwood – wood made exceptionally strong by extreme conditions in the forests of the North America – it’s an ideal design for any residential or commercial application. It withstands the pressure of extreme heat, cold, and moisture – the same conditions that shorten the lifespan of other wood flooring options, yet it remains stunning.

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